PRO ONE™ delivers comprehensive support to customer organization through its state of art Support Centre situated at NCR, India. 24/7 support is provided through dedicated customer support lines and email. Customers will be able to reach our Support Centre and receive assistance on the use of network services and PRO ONE™ compliant subscriber terminals.

Maintenance Plans

PRO ONE™ offers a choice of three different Maintenance plans for customers designed to meet their specific requirements.

  • SILVER PLAN - PRO ONE™ SILVER PLAN provides customers with cover for maintenance of subscriber handsets for one year. This includes servicing of the subscriber handsets although hardware components repaired are not covered and are charged as per actual. This plan is suitable for users who operate under relatively less harsh and demanding conditions and low to medium talk time.
  • GOLD PLAN - PRO ONE™ GOLD PLAN provides customers with maintenance cover for subscriber handsets including replacement of hardware components for one year. Consumables such as battery packs are not included in the maintenance plan and replacements are chargeable as per standard accessory pricing. This plan is suitable for users who operate under harsh and demanding conditions but with a low to medium talk time.
  • PLATINUM PLAN - PRO ONE™ PLATINUM PLAN is designed for premium customers who can opt for complete maintenance cover of subscriber handsets. This plan includes unlimited servicing and replacement of all hardware components including consumables such as battery packs for a period of one year. This plan is suitable for users who operate under extremely harsh and demanding environments and with high talk time.