Basic Services

PRO ONE™ Basic Services will include functionalities of mobile data and traditional two way radio systems. PRO ONE™ Network is designed to carry both voice and short data and provide assured coverage to customers under normal conditions and emergencies.

PRO ONE™ basic services includes:

  • Push to Talk (PTT)
  • Group Calls
  • One to One Half Duplex Calls
  • Emergency Calls
  • Short Data Messages
  • Status Messages
  • CLIP
  • Talking Party Identification (TPI)

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PBX Services

PRO ONE™ PBX Services will include functionalities of mobile telephony. PBX Services will include direct interconnection to the telephony PBX extensions through a suitable PRO ONE™ interface.

The Full Duplex Advantage

PRO ONE™ delivers sophisticated full duplex digital voice and short data services for mobile professional customer organizations throughout India*. Subscribers of the PRO ONE Network can now directly interconnect to the telephony PBX extensions through a suitable PRO ONE™ interface. Each PRO ONE™ subscriber can make and receive one to one telephony calls to and from each PBX extension.

Extending communication to field teams

PRO ONE™ provides PBX Interconnection Interface that allows the PRO ONE™ subscribers to be connected to the PBX of its organization. This allows them to make and receive full duplex calls therefore extending the capabilities of the teams in field to effectively communicate with the back office. A Numbering plan is customized for the organization to allow the PBX subscribers and PRO ONE™ subscribers to call each other with ease. Customer organizations can now benefit from the unique provisioning model where each customer organization can subscribe to a number of PBX Interconnect channels they require to speak to PBX interconnections at one time.

PRO ONE™ PBX services includes:

  • Digital Voice Quality
  • Full Duplex
  • Two way dialing
  • Integrated Numbering Plan
  • Support for Multiple Protocols

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*In selected areas only. Please contact for more information.