PRO ONE™ delivers sophisticated digital voice and short data services for mobile professional users throughout India*.

Our network services include functionalities of mobile telephony, mobile data and the traditional two-way radio systems. We enable professional customers to provision feature rich and cost effective network solutions for users within their organisations. The technology has been adopted by over two thousand professional organizations successfully, and provides reliable communication to over two million satisfied users worldwide.

PRO ONE™ recognizes the demanding needs of professional customers working in organisations performing mission and business critical operations. They operate under noisy surroundings, poor coverage areas and harsh conditions such as heat, humidity and dust. Professional telecommunication solutions need to guarantee security of assets and workforce, enhanced efficiency, increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

PRO ONE™ network is designed to provide reliable, collaborative, secure communication in extreme conditions and at remote geographical locations. Our network is based on the technology that is exclusively used for professional communication networks.

*In selected areas only. Please contact for more information.